Thursday, January 28, 2010

January Sunrise

I was sitting on the couch with Andrew before school and looked outside to see a truly amazing sunrise. I pointed it out to Andrew who exclaimed "Wow!" I jumped up to grab my camera and took a few pictures. They don't even do it justice - it was beautiful!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mt. Hood Meadows Birthday

Happy 14th Birthday Michael

14 Things that Are Unique and Fantastic About Michael

1. He has lots of energy!
2. He has figured out how to get good grades. - Yes!
3. Michael has a great eye for balance/colors etc. This year he helped me design the back of my friends necklaces - he knew exactly what they needed and they turned out great!
4. He loves to be a silly kid at heart and will come up with the most creative things to do with his brother and sister.
5. He's a fabulous fun dare devil snowboarder.... we are up at the mountains skipping school for his birthday with his friends!!
6. He is good in a crisis - I swear his life so far is slowly teaching him for some big disaster some day.
7. He is not afraid of much - minus the telephone. Scared to death to call on it or answer it....
8. He loves Mexican food just like his mom!
9. He will kill me for repeating this but he has a knack for writing poetry!!
10. He has never been jealous or disappointed on birthdays or Christmas - he loves to give rather than receive.
11. His room is a constant disaster.
12. He has broken the same tiny bone in his same toe twice once on each end.... go figure!
13. He might be half vampire - he showers in the dark, eats breakfast in the dark and is always closing the blinds....
14. His favorite shows to watch are on discovery channel - he might hate to read but he actually learns a lot watching these random shows!

Happy Birthday Michael - I love you soooo much!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Black Butte 2009

Every year we go to Black Butte after Christmas thru New Years. This year my sister came with her two kids Trevor and Ashley. The boys hit Hoodoo everyday and we went swimming and sledding. The weather was terrible - no snow and bare ground or snow at night and pouring rain in the day. Oh well, it was good together and spend quality time with everyone!

Michael shreddin up Hoodoo.... He got to snowboard everyday.... the perfect vacation for him!

Lady Gaga Snowman - Snowgirl - whatever!

A few cute pictures of the kids and my niece Ashley. Zach hates his picture taken and hides whenever I take it. So that's what you get with him....

Friday, December 18, 2009

Random Thoughts

1. School programs and parties should not be scheduled for the last few days of the week before school gets out for break - with multiple kids you have to be way ahead of the game to be able to navigate it along with getting ready for the holidays kid free....

2. My daughter is an excellent writer and she has a very loud commanding voice!

3. I love getting texts from my teenagers during the day - in school.... hummmm - at least they are thinking of me! :)

4. They idea of Christmas is great and spiritual but actually trying to pull it off - almost not worth it!

5. It is very important to let the garage door open all the way before backing out - sigh - yup didn't remember that this morning.

6. If all else fails replace the belt on the vacuum - presto works like new again - wish I would have thought of that a few months ago.

7. Thinking my random vertigo is finally going away - what's up with that - feeling like I spun in circles all day and night!

8. Finally feel like I belong in West Linn - had a get together with friends the other morning and I was thinking about how I have really great friends here in West Linn!

9. Actually super excited to have lots and lots of kids here tonight for pizza and fun. Everyone is bringing multiple friends over, Sean is gone and we can just hang..... really I am excited!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Twilight New Moon Necklaces

Here are my finished pieces - exciting! Each necklace has one 2x2 frame and one 1x3 frame with pictures on both sides. The pictures show 2 necklaces but that's so you can see both sides :) too fun! The Edward one says "Because he dazzled me." and under Vamp Girl it says bite me. The Jacob one says, "Because real men don't sparkle." and under Wolf Girl it says join the pack. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Digital World....

I knew once I started I would be hooked - I held off as long as I could. I am completely entranced with photoshop and creating digital "stuff". I made the cute Halloween tags then went deep and found a free Christmas Kit online and created posters and flyers for an upcoming church activity. Then I went deeper and I have been creating frame necklaces for the New Moon premiere tomorrow night. They are so cool and Andrew is convinced I like Jacob more than his dad. I am having so much fun and could create all day! I haven't scrapbooked any pictures yet - I will still try to hold off on that one. I love using my hands and creating those but the flexibility and options and the cost might get me to go to the dark side one of these days! (shh I didn'treally
admit that!)
The larger squares are on a 2x2 frame and the longer ones are on a 1x3 frame. Such fun! I really need to get off the laptop and go clean the stupid house!